NCIA Resources

Cannasure’s CEO, Patrick McManamon, also serves as the Chairman of the Insurance and Finance Committee for the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA). Below, you’ll find links to informative whitepapers, presentations and webinars that NCIA has published.

New Rules For Cannabis: The Coming Wave of California False Advertising and Unfair Competition Claims

The state of California can expect to see an increase in false advertising and unfair competition claims in 2018. Understand your legal obligations to avoid becoming the target of an expensive claim brought by the government, competitors and attorneys. In this resource, gain insight into California laws and packaging, labeling and advertising requirements in the cannabis industry.

Investigating the Role of Financial Institutions in the Legal Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing in the world and to continue that development, marijuana-related businesses need access to financial services in order to operate efficiently and effectively. This paper discusses the banking, legal and community challenges surrounding the cannabis industry, and cites examples and statistics from communities impacted by the industry. Learn about best practices, efficiencies and benefits associated with bringing cannabis to financial institutions and banks.

Generating Federal Cannabis Tax Revenue in a Sensible and Equitable Manner

The majority of Americans now support cannabis legalization making it more important than ever for a re-evaluation of federal cannabis policy. This paper discusses how a federal taxation model for cannabis could generate significant federal revenue, shifting cannabis manufacturing and sale from criminal markets to regulated, tax-paying businesses.

IRC Section 280E: An Unjust Burden on State-Legal Cannabis Businesses

Originally intended to penalize criminal market operators, IRC Section 280E forces cannabis businesses to pay taxes on not only their profits, but also their business expenses, creating a substantial financial burden for those operating legally and legitimately in the industry. This paper examines and analyzes that burden and discusses how modifying Section 280E to exempt state-legal cannabis businesses could potentially increase federal revenues.

Internal Revenue Code 280E: Creating An Impossible Situation For Legitimate Businesses

Discover how Internal Revenue Code 280E positions legitimately operating cannabis businesses at a substantial disadvantage by forbidding them to deduct ordinary business expenses from their gross income. Explore how this problem can be resolved by exempting state-legal and legitimately operating marijuana businesses from IRC 280E.

The Little-Known – And Critical – Exception to Federal Paraphernalia Laws

The federal paraphernalia statute contains a little-known provision exempting β€œany person authorized by local, state, or federal law to manufacture, possess or distribute such items.” However, federal activities have not always been consistent with this provision. This paper analyzes those inconsistencies.

Cannabis Packaging and Labeling: Regulatory Recommendations for States and Nations

Developed by the multi-stakeholder National Cannabis Packaging and Labeling Standards Committee, this resource includes a comprehensive set of regulatory recommendations for cannabis packaging and labeling, including sound rationale for all recommendations based on survey results, federal legal research and in-depth policy discussions.

The Cannabis Industry in the Trump Era

What does a Trump administration mean for the cannabis industry? This paper discusses the results of the 2016 election, what the NCIA is doing in this time of uncertainty and the steps NCIA members can take to continue to push the industry forward.

Cannabis: A Promising Option for the Opioid Crisis

The United States is currently experiencing a significant uptick in the use of opioids, which now kill more people than car crashes. This resource examines how medical cannabis can act as a potential alternative to prescription painkillers, effectively helping to reduce opioid use and overdoses throughout the nation, and discusses what steps should be taken to push this movement forward.

State-By-State Medical Marijuana Application Requirements

Browse in-depth medical marijuana application requirements by state.

The Pot Thickens: Building a Successful Cannabis Business in California

This webinar analyzes the current state of the cannabis industry, discusses trends in the market, describes the importance of conducting due diligence when investing and operating in this industry and lays out helpful guidelines for cannabis entrepreneurs.

Starting and Operating a Successful MMJ Dispensary, Cultivation, or Infused Products Company

This webinar discusses some of the challenges and experiences that business leaders, such as Karin Lazarus of Sweet Mary Jane and Bob Hoban, Esq. of Hoban & Feola, have faced in the growing cannabis industry.

Cannabis Nurses: The Role of Nursing in the Cannabis Industry

Heather Manus, RN, President of the Genesis International Cannabis Solutions, talks about cannabis nurses, the important role that nursing plays in the cannabis industry and what considerations should be taken into account when hiring a cannabis nurse.