Medical (Comprehensive)

Important Dates

2014: Legislation was signed that established a medical marijuana program statewide. The possession of up to 10 grams of marijuana was decriminalized.
2016: Smoking marijuana in public and the possession of marijuana paraphernalia were both decriminalized.
2017: Legal medical marijuana sales began.


In 2014, Governor O’Malley signed legislation making medical marijuana legal in Maryland for those with a qualifying disease or condition. That same year, the possession of up to 10 grams of cannabis was decriminalized. In 2016, Maryland decriminalized the possession of marijuana paraphernalia such as papers, pipes and bongs, and made smoking in public a civil offense rather than a criminal one. Though the rollout has been slow, the first legal medical marijuana sales took place in 2017.


Can I possess, buy or grow marijuana in Maryland?

Medical marijuana patients may possess up to 120 grams, or a 30 day supply, of cannabis at one time unless a physician states that the patient requires more. Patients must have a qualifying condition including but not limited to Anorexia, Wasting Syndrome, severe pain or nausea, muscle spasms, Glaucoma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is currently illegal for patients or caregivers to grow medical marijuana.

Can I operate a vehicle while under the influence of marijuana in Maryland?

A person cannot drive a car in Maryland if they are impaired by any substance.

How do I get a medical marijuana card in Maryland?

To obtain medical marijuana in Maryland, patients must first register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC). Patients must obtain written documentation from a physician also registered with the MMCC. The documentation must describe the patient’s need to treat a qualified medical condition with marijuana. Once documentation is secured, patients can visit a licensed dispensary to purchase marijuana. Patient ID cards are optional and are obtainable with a $50 fee.

Can I use marijuana in public in Maryland?

Marijuana should be smoked on private property however, in 2016 smoking in public was decriminalized, making it a civil offense punishable by a fine up to $500.

Can I sell marijuana in Maryland?

Licensed dispensaries are the only entities allowed to sell marijuana in Maryland.


The information presented here should not be construed as legal advice. State and Federal laws are always subject to change. We aim to keep this page as updated as possible; however, for additional information regarding Maryland marijuana laws, please see the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission website, Find Law and the National Conference of State Legislatures.