Medical (Limited)

Important Dates

2014: Cannabidiol became legal for patients with chronic epilepsy.
2017: An act was signed into law expanding the number of diseases that can be legally treated with cannabidiol.
2018: The first medical dispensary opened in the state.


In 2014, the Governor of Iowa signed the Medical Cannabidoil Act, which allows the possession of cannabidiol for the treatment of chronic epilepsy with a recommendation from a neurologist. In 2017, cancer, HIV/AIDS, Chron’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and other illnesses were added to the list of approved medical conditions that can be treated with CBD oil. In 2018, the state’s first dispensary opened for business and can sell low THC oil (less than 3%) to card-carrying patients.


Can I possess, buy or grow marijuana in Iowa?

Medical and recreational marijuana is illegal in Iowa. Patients with approved medical conditions can possess low THC CBD oil.

Can I operate a vehicle while under the influence of marijuana in Iowa?


How do I get a medical marijuana card in Iowa?

There is no medical marijuana program in place in Iowa. However, patients and caregivers can obtain a card for CBD oil through the Iowa Department of Public Health and the Iowa Department of Transportation.

Can I use marijuana in public in Iowa?

No, it is illegal to use marijuana in public in Iowa.

Can I sell marijuana in Iowa?

No. Only state-licensed dispensaries can sell CBD oil legally.


The information presented here should not be construed as legal advice. State and Federal laws are always subject to change. We aim to keep this page as updated as possible; however, for additional information regarding Iowa marijuana laws, please see Find Law and the National Conference of State Legislatures.