With more and more agents starting to offer cannabis and hemp insurance, it’s important to set yourself apart from the competition. Keep in mind that companies will be looking for the following when shopping around for coverage:


Cannabis and hemp companies want to work with an insurance agent who knows the industry like they do. Ensure you are not only extremely familiar with the types of coverage you offer but the state laws, regulations and news regarding the industry as a whole. Doing your part to become an cannabis and hemp expert will help you to establish trust and a positive rapport with perspective customers.

Reliable coverage

Small or large, businesses in the cannabis industry especially need to be properly insured in case of disaster. By partnering with an insurance provider like Cannasure, you can ensure your clients are getting the protection that their business demands.


As an agent, you should carefully listen to the needs and wants of your client. Carefully lay out all of their coverage options and never use deception to close the deal. A strong foundation built on honesty will ensure trust and repeat business.


With unique laws, regulations and risks, operating a business in the cannabis and hemp industry can be tricky. Businesses seek to work with other professionals who understand that and have empathy towards the number of challenges marijuana business owners are often faced with.


When a potential or current client has a question or a claim, they need to be able to get in touch with their agent . . . quickly. Ensure that your customers know how to reach you and always respond within a reasonable time frame.


The cannabis and hemp industry is rapidly growing, and doesn’t show signs of stopping anytime soon. Businesses will grow with it, and their needs will demand coverage that can grow to accommodate. Ensure you communicate scalability to your customers and potential customers, so they can feel confident you will remain a lifelong partner.

Work with Cannasure to provide reliable coverage to your clients. Get appointed.