We recently connected with Diana Powalie, Vice President of Transportation Underwriting at One80 Intermediaries to ask 5 questions relating to commercial auto and the cannabis industry.

What is the favored Cannabis operation from an auto perspective for One80’s appetite?

It is important that the insured have the proper procedures and protocols in place for driver selection, loss, and safety control. Accounts should be in business 3+ years, have documented loss history, and completed application with all exposures.

What is the most misunderstood coverage on an Auto policy?

Depending upon what coverage part we are discussing, Commercial Auto Liability including that of the Hired and Non-Owned Exposure is very important to identify, properly assess, and have the correct types of employee or IC relationships with proper applications, contracts etc. Regarding the physical damage, any modifications to a unit with extra equipment including that of safety features are not automatically covered by a physical damage policy.

What is your favorite part about being an Underwriter and specifically an Auto Underwriter?

Auto underwriting takes quite a lot of focus and skilled assessment abilities. I am an extremely detailed individual and I like to learn about the different industries that I receive submissions on. Not one account is the same as another, I learn something new each day.

If Federal legalization happens within the Cannabis industry, what do you see being the biggest impact to your Auto division?

If this occurs, the biggest impact to the auto industry will be the carrier operations available to the clients. As of today, there are many carriers that will not enter this space due to this fact.

How long has One80 been writing Cannabis Auto, and do you see any changes upcoming (new states, new coverages, etc.)?

We have been writing cannabis auto for several years now for both delivery companies as well the manufacturers, growers, retailers, and more. Auto liability is standard amongst the carriers, with that said I do not foresee any big coverage changes as they typically follow state rules and requirements. Regarding new state opportunity, as states legalize the legalization of cannabis, we will see more opportunity and growth in those areas.