We are pleased to announce two new lines of coverage now available from Cannasure: Parametric Outdoor Crop Insurance and Commercial Auto. With these additions, we aim to continue serving the cannabis and hemp industry while making insurance coverage available to more business owners.


From increasingly harsh winters to excessive dry seasons that can set the stage for wildfires, the global climate is becoming increasingly volatile every year. Cannabis and hemp cultivators are exposed to a wide variety of environmental risks that are out of their control, but can pose a serious threat to their business.

That’s why it’s more important than ever for cultivators to ensure that their crop has adequate protection from environmental factors. By using satellite data and weather modeling, Cannasure can determine the greatest risks to outdoor crop in order to find the right coverage for each business.

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Historically, Commercial Auto Insurance for cannabis and hemp operations has been a challenge for agents and business owners alike. It has become increasingly difficult for agents to find, and the cost can be prohibitive for business owners.

In order to tackle both of these challenges, the new Commercial Auto coverage from Cannasure was designed to be both comprehensive and affordable. This line is available in all states for a variety of radiuses and size classes depending on the business owner’s individual needs.

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