Growing a successful business in a niche industry can be a challenge. And, as the marijuana insurance industry evolves and shifts over time becoming more competitive, you may find yourself having to get more and more creative in order to increase your list of clientele.

Consider these tips:

Revisit your target clientele and goals

Oftentimes, it’s best to take a step back and look at the big picture. First off, who is your target customer? Knowing exactly who you want your offerings to appeal to is a great start when trying to grow your business. Secondly, when was the last time you thought about your business goals? Examining and re-establishing goals from time to time gives you something to work towards, and a realistic means of measuring success.

A referral or reward program

The best marketing is often word of mouth. Consider establishing a referral or reward program. Referrals often have a high close rate and turn into long-term, valuable customers that may even bring in referrals themselves over time. It can be as simple as offering a gift card or small incentive every time a customer refers you to someone else.

Ask for reviews

Similarly, don’t be afraid to ask your current clients for reviews or testimonials. Having a high rating or including testimonials on your website will establish you as a trusted agent, and will help when potential clients are considering working with you.

Offer the best coverage

You can be the best insurance agent in the world but it doesn’t really matter if you don’t offer great coverage to your clients. By working with an insurance brokerage like Cannasure, you can ensure that your clientele is receiving the protection they need.

Hire a team

It’s hard to do it all – run a business, provide great customer service to your current customers and try and secure new clients. Take a good hard look at your business and your goals. It might be time to consider hiring an additional employee who can help with some of these initiatives.

Be an expert in the industry

You’d be surprised how far immersing yourself in your niche will go. The legal marijuana industry is extremely complex and your potential clients are looking for someone who can help them navigate the ins and outs. Consider these tips to stay educated and relevant within the industry.

Get involved

Say you’re already an industry expert or well on your way. Take it to the next level by getting involved with the legal marijuana community. Attend meet-ups, participate in online forums, get involved in an association and be an advocate on the local, state and national levels. This does more than just offer unparalleled networking opportunities and advertise your brand. It shows you are interested and passionate about the industry your operating in.

Be the best insurance agent you can be. Get appointed with Cannasure.