This quarter, we’re highlighting Cannasure’s expanded/full-service Brokerage operations that cover all legal Cannabis states, whether Medical or Adult Use in addition to Hemp operators. We’re proud of the energy we’ve placed into our brokerage unit, with the addition of dedicated staff and new/specialty markets to complement our industry-leading MGA program. Our current focus is to round out all accounts by adding additional coverage lines or states to fully insure our Cannabis/Hemp policyholders, while supporting our appointed Agents in their placement needs.

We’d love your feedback on additional coverages you’re seeking from Cannasure, but we think we’re going to open your eyes when you see the extensive successes we’ve enjoyed during 2021 Q2. Enjoy exploring highlights of the numerous operations and the multitude of coverages we’ve recently written – look for your state on the list!

State Type of Operations Coverage TIV/Limits
AK Processor – Cannabis Monoline Property 1,040,000
AL Hemp Processor Commercial Property 3,750,000
AR Lessors Risk Commercial Package Policy 12,000,000
AZ Dispensaries-Medical Commercial Package Policy 27,500,000
CA Manufacturer Auto $1M CSL
CA Manufacturer Commercial Property 5,300,000
CO Cultivator – Cannabis Commercial Property 15,556,034
CT Dispensaries-Medical Product Liability $2M/$2M
FL Lessors Risk Commercial Package Policy 550,000
GA Hemp Manufacturer Commercial General Liability $5M
HI Testing Laboratories Commercial Property 2,905,081
IL Vertically Integrated Commercial Package Policy 127,315,673
IN Distributors Commercial General Liability $1M/$2M
MA Cultivator/Dispensary/Processor Excess General Liability $4M
MD Dispensaries-Medical Flood 1,500,000
ME Infusing MFG Ops Commercial General Liability $1M/$2M
MI Delivery/Courier Cargo 1,458,332
MO Cultivator/Dispensary/Processor Workers' Compensation Statutory
MT Dispensaries-Medical Commercial Package Policy 2,025,000
NC Wholesaler – Hemp EPLI $1M
ND Manufacturer Commercial General Liability $1M
NJ Dispensaries-Medical Product Liability $5M
NM Cultivator/Dispensary Commercial Package Policy 1,515,000
NV Multiple Operations Commercial Package Policy 161,666,904
NY Multiple Operations Excess General Liability $3M
OH Cultivator/Dispensary/Processor Directors & Officers $1M
OK Cultivator/Processor Commercial General Liability $1M/$2M
OR Dispensaries-Medical Workers' Compensation Statutory
PA Cultivator/Processor Cargo 250,000
RI Cultivators Commercial Property 1,900,000
SC Hemp Seed Grower Commercial General Liability $1M/$2M
TN Processor – Hemp Commercial General Liability $2M/$2M
TX Dispensary – Recreational Builders Risk 6 month build
VT Ancillary Commercial General Liability $1M/$2M
WA Cultivator/Processor Crime 27,080,000
WI Manufacturer Commercial General Liability $1M/$2M