1. Vertically Integrated Operations in MI

    Full Package coverages offered with $60M Property values – $222k annual premium

    Cannasure won this opportunity due to our industry leading Property capacity.

  2. Commercial Auto in CA

    Dispensary deliveries direct to Consumer. $9,879 annual premium - $1M CSL

    Saved client 20% on their Auto renewal.

  3. Worker’s Compensation for a Dispensary in IL

    $10,765 annual premium

    Final Insurance coverage offered to complement Cannasure’s Package, Cyber and Auto coverages that are already in place for Insured/Agent.

  4. Workers’ Compensation – Hemp Operations in CO

    $15k Annual Premium

    Beat out CO State Fund while rounding out Cannasure Package coverages.

  5. Cargo & Auto for a Cannabis Wholesaler in CA

    Coverage provided for a start-up operation, written with United National – $20k annual premium for a $1M CSL – 2 vehicles and $250k Cargo limit

    All other carriers declined to provide the Cargo coverage for Cannabis in Transit.

  6. Vertically Integrated operations – MD

    $5M GL limit; $25M Property TIV - $302k annual premium

    Competitors could only offer $15M in Property coverage; Cannasure’s Property capacity was key to this win.

  7. Medical Dispensaries in OH

    $5M General Liability Limits, multiple locations - $102k annual premium

    Agency sought a per location liability extension which was granted.

  8. Hemp Grower – HI

    $4M limit - $5k

    Cannasure is writing as much HI business as possible in anticipation of the inevitable transition to Recreational Use Cannabis.

  9. Cultivation & Dispensary operations for a Multi-State Operator (IL & NJ)

    $40M Property TIV with GL coverage - $288k

    This win was due to Cannasure’s expansion of one of its largest customers. Cannasure’s robust Property capacity allows for the growth of existing customers as they expand operations into other states.

  10. Grower/Processor/Extraction operations for both Medical & Rec Use Cannabis (CT, FL & MA)

    $92M Property TIV with $5M GL/Products - $397k annual premium

    Cannasure partnered with another Cannabis MGA to provide the limits and coverages necessary to fully protect the client.