Our 2022 Annual Programs Update includes the latest on all of our offerings including:

  • Cannabis & Hemp MGA Program (Kieran O’Rourke)
  • Preferred Risk Program for Small to Medium-Sized Cannabis Businesses (Jenna Keesey)
  • Specialty Coverages / Brokerage Division (Jim McErlean, Cannasure)

You can watch our Annual Programs Update here:

Our exclusive Cannabis & Hemp MGA Program enhancements include the following increases/additions:

  • $45M in (per location) Property Capacity
  • Excess Property coverage (over our competitors’ Underlying/Primary Property coverage)
  • Actual Loss Sustained valuation in Business Income/Extra Expense coverage
  • Off-Premises Power/Utility Services coverage
  • All-Risk valuation for Completed Stock
  • Renovation coverage/Builders Risk
  • “Nose” coverage for Claims Made coverage conversion to Occurrence
  • Improved Casualty Rating basis for better GL pricing
  • Streamlined Additional Insured handling


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If you have any questions about our offerings, please contact Jim McErlean at jmcerlean@cannasure.com or (602) 363-6652. Thank you!