Marijuana Events

Are you an exhibitor who will be attending an event or convention for medical or adult-use marijuana? Are you worried that you won’t have the protection that you and your business need? We can provide you with marijuana special event liability insurance that will prevent you from getting into any potential legal and safety issues.

At many cannabis events, some products go missing, making it almost inevitable that the law will get involved. That is why it is so important to get insurance for such events. Because these events are usually not held at your business, regular coverage does not ensure safety and protection during this time. The only thing that will do that is cannabis event insurance.

Here are some of the things included in marijuana event liability insurance coverage:

  • Event relocation coverage
  • Event cancellation coverage
  • Product and medicine coverage
  • Equipment coverage

Event Relocation Coverage

Have you ever planned to go to an event where the venue suddenly was switched to a different one? Did this result in you having to pay extra cash out of your pocket or your business’s budget to get to the other venue? Cannabis special event insurance can help you avoid this.

If the event at which you’re planning to exhibit is relocated, we can cover the costs of traveling from the original venue to the new one. If you’ve made traveling arrangements, we can help make new travel plans for you and pay for the losses you or your company experience because of the relocation.

Event Cancellation Coverage

Don’t you get so irritated when an event gets cancelled? Isn’t it infuriating when you’ve spent considerable amounts of time and money planning for an event and possibly even traveling to get to it?

Marijuana special event insurance coverage can solve those issues. When it comes to event cancellation coverage, we can provide you with coverage for travel costs that you haven’t benefited from and help you get reimbursed for your broken travel plans, including cancellation fees when applicable. You may even have coverage for all the time you spent getting ready for the event. We recognize that time is money, and your time is very valuable.

Product and Medicine Coverage

How many times have you heard of marijuana suddenly going missing during marijuana shows and events? Are you afraid of all the monetary expenses and the possible legal trouble you could get into if this happens to you?

We can provide you with marijuana special event liability insurance coverage that will take care of whatever monetary losses you experience due to misplaced products or medicine. Proactively carrying event insurance can also help prevent you from being held responsible if your products/medicines are stolen and resold.

Equipment Coverage

Cannabis equipment insurance coverage is also important to consider. For some events, you may need to take equipment with you, including presentation equipment, vaporizing devices, smoking tools and other things you may use during the event. With our cannabis event insurance, we can provide protection for all of your event gear. You won’t have to worry about what to do if your things get stolen or damaged during an event.

To discuss the options available to you, please request a quote or contact us directly.