Kristen Bacon

Client Services Advisor
(440) 385-2750
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Jeff Becka

Client Services Advisor
(440) 471-6263
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Andre Bell

IT Support Specialist
(216) 859-7371
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Julie Brill

(440) 414-6721
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Kimberly Coughlin

Director of Compliance
(440) 385-2751
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Marybeth Cummins, CIC

Client Services Advisor
(440) 385-2754
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Crissie Daugherty

Support Specialist II
(440) 385-2752
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Kathryn Faltinsky

Underwriting Assistant
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Joe Ferritto

Client Services Advisor
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Joe Foley

Chief Financial Officer
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Sherwin Gersten

Client Support Specialist
(216) 553-4232
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Summer Jenkins, CLCS


Business Development Manager
(702) 487-9104
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Jenna Keesey, CPCU

Senior Underwriter
(440) 799-6599
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Felicia LaMattina

Asst. Controller
(440) 401-2144
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James McErlean

Director of Business Development
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Patrick McManamon

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Jenna Meyer, CISR

Systems Manager
(440) 414-6723
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Kieran J. O'Rourke, CPCU, CRM, CIC

Director of Underwriting
(800) 420-5757
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Francesca Piccirillo

Client Services Advisor
(440) 414-6722
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Kathie Pizor

Director of Client Services
(440) 401-2155
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Heather Rice

Billing Specialist
(440) 613-0755
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Thomas Squeglia

Client Support Specialist
(216) 487-2444
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Dawn Summa

Executive Assistant
(216) 553-4231
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Kyle Vitou

Client Support Specialist
(216) 859-7372
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