We strive to provide superior service for all of our clients

“We have been working as a Broker for Cannasure since the legalization of Medical Marijuana in the state of Nevada. They know their products very well and have been extremely helpful and efficient to work with. We trust the underwriters at Cannasure with our valuable clients.”

Annie W. | Las Vegas, NV

“I work with a few wholesale brokers in the cannabis industry, and by far, Cannasure is my personal favorite. They are the easiest to work with, they are on top of it, and most of all — there’s solid (and almost) daily communication via email with questions, quotes, etc… I especially hold Francesca in high regard, as she always seems to have everything covered and is there when I need her for questions or to work with me on a tough risk!”

Ron S. | Seattle, WA

“In a niche industry that can be hard to place, Cannasure has one of the most streamlined processes and comprehensive products in the marketplace. They truly understand the unique exposures as well as federal regulations specific to this space and they have customized solutions to address these challenges.”

Vance J. | Las Vegas, NV

“My favorite thing about Cannasure is their in-depth knowledge of the cannabis industry and quick underwriting response.”

Reed G. | Fort Collins, CO

“Cannasure has been extremely helpful in helping educate me on the unique exposures, and insurance solutions, of the incredibly dynamic cannabis industry. Patrick traveled across the country to appear on a panel with me on this subject. In addition, Jenna has been incredibly responsive to all of my questions and needs.”

John B. | Tustin, CA

“The cannabis specialty insurance program through Cannasure is the broadest program I have come across in my five years of working with cannabis business operations. Working with Cannasure has been a pleasant experience with their knowledgeable staff ensuring the best coverage forms are included for my clients, and their ability to provide responsive customer service in a rapid-changing industry.”

Matt E. | Las Vegas, NV

“We enjoy working with CIS due to their experience and expertise in the cannabis industry. Their program is tailor-made for the industry it is designed for and invaluable to the clients they service. As the cannabis insurance market is extremely limited, we appreciate the robust coverage options CIS provides.”

Matt C. | Seattle, WA

“As quickly as it is ‘growing,’ the cannabis industry can’t be ignored by agency operations.  Cannasure has been an excellent partner for insuring recreational and medical sales, processing, kitchen, lab, and grow operations which all have very specialized risk characteristics.  The support and customer service of the underwriting staff at Cannasure gives us the coverage options, pricing, and guidance to fulfill almost every client need.  We would hesitate to use any other specialty brokerage for cannabis risks for that fact alone.  Put simply, they know the business.”

Mike A. | Albany, OR

“Cannasure has been a great partner for our brokerage as they provide leading information on new programs for the cannabis industry, and are a wealth of knowledge on how to properly insure my cannabis clients.”

Nathan B. | Irvine, CA

“Thank you for your dedication to the growing marijuana industry- there are many companies that come and go  but few that have committed to this industry. Your staff are professionals that not only have a wide variety of products for our insureds but help to tailor the products to their needs and appetite for risk.  It is a pleasure to work with all of you!”

Sue J. | Denver, CO