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    Do you have a question about insuring your cannabis industry products? Talk to one of our insurance agents today. Our team understands the changing laws and how you need to be protected.

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  • Ancillary Cannabis Businesses

    Cannasure provides a variety of insurance products to the ancillary businesses that serve the cannabis industry.

    Ancillary Cannabis Businesses
  • Cannabis Infused Product Manufacturers

    With the fast paced and evolving market trends of our modern society and economy, businesses need to have the flexibility and peace of mind to concentrate on their products and customers.

    Cannabis Infused Product Manufacturers
  • Marijuana Dispensaries

    We can provide you with all of the protection you need, without putting you at risk if your business undergoes some type of misfortune.

    Marijuana Dispensaries
  • Marijuana Events

    We can provide you with marijuana special event liability insurance that will offer the protection you and your business need.

    Marijuana Events
  • Licensed States

    Cannasure is licensed to sell cannabis business insurance products and services in these adult use and/or medical marijuana states.

    Licensed States
  • Marijuana Landlords

    Most large insurance firms have the tendency to terminate insurance agreements for people who own buildings that make space available to the marijuana industry.

    Marijuana Landlords
  • Marijuana Growers

    No matter what stage you are at in your growing cycle, we have a plan to cover you. You are able to select one or all three stages for coverage.

    Marijuana Growers
  • Medical Marijuana Physicians

    When it comes to recommending marijuana, you are most likely not covered in the event of a medical malpractice suit if you only have standard malpractice insurance.

    Medical Marijuana Physicians

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