While the legality of marijuana for medical treatment is still being considered on a national basis, Arizona is one of the states that have created and instituted laws protecting individuals who require marijuana to manage medical conditions. As a result, additional laws and insurance options have been implemented in Arizona in an effort to protect those who provide marijuana for patients on a continuing basis.

Here are just a few of the Arizona businesses that might need to consider purchasing marijuana industry-specific insurance coverage.

Infused Product Manufacturers

One of the most convenient ways for medical patients to achieve the therapeutic benefits of cannabis is through infused products. Items such as oils, wax, carbonated beverages, edible treats and other food products that include cannabis can be legally produced and distributed through an infused product manufacturer.

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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Like other businesses that rely on revenue from products and/or services, medical marijuana dispensaries must take precautions to protect their property and inventory. In the case of a fire or burglary, which could destroy thousands of dollars worth of products and business-related items, medical marijuana insurance coverage can provide a certain level of protection.

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Marijuana Growers

Similar to any other farmed crop, marijuana crops may thrive, or they may fail. If marijuana crop is destroyed due to fire, theft or vandalism, our insurance products will step-in to cover the plants, equipment and lost revenue to keep the business operating.  We provide you with insurance for your cannabis cultivation facility to help get you back up and running as soon as possible.

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